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Weekly Introductions

  • Get introduced to new colleagues
  • Learn more about existing acquaintances
  • Meet colleagues in same office
  • Meet colleagues from other offices (via Skype)
  • Easily exchange messages before coffee

Scheduling Assistant

  • Minimize back and forth when arranging coffee
  • Calendar view to suggest availability
  • Skip weeks when on vacation
  • View past coffee matches
  • Multiple time zone support

User Profiles

  • Customizable profile with avatar
  • Learn more about your coworkers
  • Discover shared hobbies and interests
  • Ice breakers and conversation starters
  • See what everyone is currently working on

Don’t just take our word for it:

At first I ignored the invitation, but as more of my colleagues joined I decided to give it a go. Since then I've shared my coffee breaks with some amazing people in the same building that I never knew worked here. Now I look forward to it every Monday.

RICHARD FULLEREngineering & Operations
Engineering & Operations

It can be difficult maintaining company culture at a rapidly growing firm. But Coworker Coffee has really helped with onboarding new employees faster. It's also been great for sharing ideas between departments and even kick-starting fun side-projects.

JULIUS NARKUSMarketing Operations & Analytics
Marketing Operations & Analytics

The Coworker Coffee initiative at the Conference Board of Canada has been great! I have enjoyed meeting new colleagues and learning more about the work they do! It has been a wonderful experience.

ABHI BHANDARIResearch Associate, Health Economics
Research Associate, Health Economics
Conference Board of Canada

Our team members mention how they've grown to better know each other through Coworker Coffee. I personally feel more connected with my team and more effective in my role. Each week I uncover something really great about the people I work with. It's been an awesome experience.

ROCK DUBOISTeam Environment Lead
Team Environment Lead

I'm so happy this was introduced at our workplace. I've got to know a lot of interesting people and had some crazy coincidences. Turns out one of my colleagues bought my best friend's house - such a fun way to connect the dots between everyone.

CHANTAL PYELeadership & Human Resources
Leadership & Human Resources
Conference Board of Canada

It's been a great way to meet colleagues from other parts of the organization who I did not know. And with colleagues in the same division it's been a great opportunity to catch-up and forces you to both commit when you have an outstanding event in your calendars.

PAUL FORGUESManaging Director
Managing Director
The Directors College

A friend of mine had been using Coworker Coffee at their work and recommended we give it a try. I put off joining for a few weeks, but eventually signed our company up. Since then I've met someone new every week - and every week I've learnt my colleagues are full of surprises.

KAY KIMProduct & Project Management
Product & Project Management
Maverick Games

I really wanted a way for team members to take a breather away from their desks and spend time with other departments. So far it's worked really well, people are using their coffee breaks to talk about life outside the office...a really nice excuse for everyone to engage with each other.

CHRISTINE BROOKTeam Development & Staffing
Team Development & Staffing

As a newcomer, one of my colleagues suggested Coworker Coffee to meet others throughout the organization. I have really enjoyed my coworker meetings so far especially with people I wouldn't have a chance to get to know in my day-to-day job.

EMILY MADDOCKSInformation Management & Analysis
Information Management & Analysis
Conference Board of Canada